No autographs, plz

I’m baaaaack! I’m sure everyone missed me but unfortunately, I can’t say I missed North Carolina.  Jamaica was beyond amazing and I’ve never had such an incredible trip before: an incredible house, incredible staff, incredible views, and even better friends all made the trip absolutely perfect.

But before I can get to that, I have to talk about something great that happened before my trip even started.  I’ll give you a hint: it involved UNC and Dook and an orange, round, bouncy ball.

If you guessed the UNC/ Dook basketball game, you’re correct!

Before Spring Break started, I blogged about my excitement for the game and for my trip to Jamaica, and at that point in time, I had a phase 2 ticket.  I wrote that I had given up my search for a phase 1 ticket and would be fine crying myself to sleep not ever standing in the risers for a game.

I’ll admit that I was lying about being okay about not standing in the risers: I was trying to convince myself that I would be fine but I wasn’t doing very well.

Luckily, I didn’t have to cry myself to sleep for that reason because there are great people in this world.  A friend of mine named Emily is one of those kind individuals.  Friday afternoon (almost a day after I had given up the search for a phase 1 ticket), I get a phone call from Emily.  She got a phase 1 ticket from the UNC Student Lottery and wanted to swap her phase 1 ticket for my phase 2.  She said she would rather go with friends in phase 2 than go alone in phase 1 and that she knew how much I wanted it so she’d rather me enjoy it.

When I heard her utter those words over the phone my heart skipped a beat, goosebumps covered my body in 1.5 seconds flat and I started jumping up and down while screaming.  In other words, I freaked out.

Even though I really wanted the chance to stand in the risers for the biggest rivalry in college sports, I was conflicted.  Emily is also a second-semester senior so why did I deserve this ticket more than she did?  I don’t.

I kept reminding her that she didn’t have to switch with me but she didn’t change her mind.  She’s an angel, y’all.

Now that I had acquired a phase 1 ticket, I started making plans with my friends with phase 1 tickets about the next morning: College GameDay.

Phase 1 and phase 2 tickets would be randomized at College GameDay so it didn’t matter how long people waited at the Dean Dome before that.  As long as we were in line with a numbered wristband on by 9:15 am, we would be randomized (and ahead of everyone else that didn’t participate in the randomization process).

We agreed to meet at 8:20 am and walk down to the Dean Dome together with plenty of time before the randomization ended.

I didn’t finish my laundry list of items to do that I blogged about until at least 10 pm Friday night so I only had a few hours to pack before I crashed.

Regardless of how little sleep I got the night before, I was ready to go on Saturday morning (with the help of a cup of coffee).

When we were finally let into the Dean Dome, I had some good luck again.  Someone working for the Carolina Athletic Association told us to go sit in section 104, a section that had 0 people in it at this point.  I ran all the way down to the floor and secured the first row of this section for me and my friends.


As the morning progressed, we got free hats from State Farm and free tshirts from Carolina basketball. I don’t think I sat down for more than 5 minutes of the two hour production and danced around announcing that it was the best day of my life.


UNC has a Snapchat account and my friends and I were filmed dancing with Rameses and put on its Snapchat Story.  This happened because I was dancing around the entire time (probably looking a little crazy) and they noticed us.

This lucky streak didn’t stop at that.  We were on television.  ESPN to be exact.

I can’t figure out how to attach the video but here’s a picture of our television debut.


My friends and I would freak out every time we’d see each other on the big screen and would dance around like fools, but that’s okay.  We were having a great time.

After College GameDay finished taping, my friends and I started discussing our plan of action for the new hours before we had to be back at the Dean Dome for the big game.  We didn’t get very far when a man got my attention and asked if I could put my State Farm hat back on and come speak with him.  Confused, I obliged to this man’s requests because he was on the court so he had to be somewhat important.

He took me to a camera man and then explained that since I was so enthusiastic and (his words) a “super fan”, he wanted to interview me for ABC11’s coverage of the game.


This seemingly perfect day kept getting better and better.  And now I would be on ESPN during College GameDay but I would be on the news too!


My excited nerves were making me literally shake.  Not a cute shake either, I was convulsing out of excitement/ terror/ fear of making a fool out of myself on television.  I obviously looked a little ridiculous because the reporter told me to take a deep breath and try to calm down.

Uh, that’s easier said than done.

I took a deep breath and answered all of his questions as best as I could.  I’m not 100% sure what I said but I do know that I talked a tiiiiiiny bit of trash about Jay Bilas and Jay Williams predicting a Dook victory.  They’re obviously bias because they went to school there and they’re partial to some hideous shade of blue.  I may or may not have said that if it weren’t for the rivalry between the two schools, they wouldn’t have a job.

Okay that logic isn’t the most sound but whatever, I blacked out from adrenaline and that made my almost nonexistent filter completely disappear.

You can watch my interview in the video on the top of this article: I appear at 3:30 and 4:30.

My friends and I left for a few hours to return to the Dean Dome at 3:30 pm for a 9 pm game.  We got let inside at 6:30 pm so we played cards and some games to pass the time.  When we finally got inside, we had seats in the risers (omg dream come true) and it didn’t even matter that our feet hurt and we had to fly out of RDU early the next morning.

I spotted Larry Fedora, UNC’s head football coach, at halftime and yelled “Hey! It’s Larry Fedora!” and he waved at me.  About 10 minutes later, someone said hey to me and said we should take a selfie.  ‘Who was it?’ you ask, take a guess.  Y’all, I kid you not, it was Larry Fedora.  He even tweeted the picture of us!!! Like what??????

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 10.50.01 PM

He was kind enough to take a selfie on my phone as well, which I promptly tweeted as well.


He’s smiling a little bit more in this picture, so we’re best friends now.  Yup, I said it.  Larry Fedora and I are best friends.

This day was incredible.. but not perfect.  Unfortunately my Heels lost to the spawns of Satan– uh, I mean the Blue Devils– despite a great game.

The camera man from College GameDay came and found us again, but this time he wanted to film me about to cry at the end of the game.  Nope.  Not gonna happen.  I won’t be the girl crying about a loss on television.  I just won’t.

They day didn’t end as I had anticipated (I talked trash on local nightly news, so I’d say I was confident in how I thought the game would end), but it exceeded my expectations in every other way.

Thank you again to Emily for opening the door to all of these great things: you rock, never change.

Since I’m famous now, I’d appreciate if everyone bowed when I walked in and gave me chocolate ice cream every few hours.  Deal? Deal.