Look a little harder

The past few weeks haven’t been a cake walk: school has been overwhelming, the snow has messed up my routine and everything isn’t necessarily going my way.

That being said, I try to remind myself to find the good in every situation.  This is so much easier said than done, but like I mentioned in a blog post about a terrible day, wallowing and focusing on the bad doesn’t help anything.


I’ve been trying to keep this in the front of my mind rather than my mom reminding me of this when I’m already down.  And honestly, it’s much better than pouting because the only way you can make your situation better is by trying to, or by at least making the best out of it.

There is good in today for more reasons than one: my good friend Olivia is taking me to the UNC vs. NC State game tonight, I finally did some grocery shopping so I won’t starve incase I get snowed in and Law and Order: SVU is on TV right now.

What’s the good in your day?