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Live streaming

Hi hello.  Writing from Hell.

Dook won the National Championship last night and I legitimately do not want to live on a planet where they are winners.  Book me a first class ticket to the moon.  Hell, I’ll even go to Mars.  Or Pluto (sorry you aren’t a planet, but you’re better than this rock I’m stuck on).


I woke up and my ONYEN password had expired, meaning I had to think of yet again another password that meets close to 500 criteria and I can’t think of any.


This is Hell.

At least I go to the school I cheer for, unlike 100% of the people I know chanting Dook Nation as if they had a chance at ever getting into that Hell hole of a school.  Bye.

(I’m not upset at all…)


I love Vine (I actually made a vine today and the app told me that I have now made 25 vines!) and I spend a good deal of time on it a day.  I even follow a few Viners on social media– LaLaSizaHands89 on snapchat and Cody Ko on Twitter.

Well, I might unfollow Cody in a few minutes, but I follow him now.

Want to know why I’m on the verge of ending my virtual friendship (well one-sided friendship) with one of my favorite viners?  He’s a Dookie.


He referenced a team Dook played in a vine a while back and I looked him up on Twitter to do some investigating (but I’m not the investigator that I referenced in my blog post about snapchat best friends………….. that’s not me) and figured out that he was on the swimming and diving team at that school 8 miles down the road.

Now he’s living somewhere out West (I’m pretty sure) and makes snarky and hilarious vines in his spare time.

This is a picture he tweeted a while back.

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He’s video chatting with himself.

Doesn’t translate well to being funny right now but he’s funny.   A Dookie, but funny.

Last night, in his normal snarky way, he tweeted a few things in support of the devil and his basketball players.  But it wasn’t until after the game ended that I really started paying attention to his tweets.

He tweeted– and has since deleted– a link to Periscope of the celebration the Dookies were having.  UGH.

Periscope is an app that lets you watch and comment on live streaming videos of events in real time.  There is another app that does practically the same app called Meerkat but Twitter just acquired Periscope so it’s probably going to be the leader in the live streaming service in the near future.

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This app requires you to watch the video as it’s happening: it’s not like Vine or YouTube where you have the option of watching a video in the future.  You have to be watching the stream as it happens and if you are, that’s the only way you’d be able to save the stream to watch later.

Maybe that’s why Cody deleted his tweet to the Periscope stream: the stream would have only been relevant as it was happening.  Not 1 day after, 1 month after or 1 minute after.  The stream is truly live and, unlike some features of the internet that are permanent, it is temporary.

Maybe I’m a skeptic or my late-majority disposition is showing itself, but I don’t think Periscope or Meerkat will last very long.  We all have busy lives and we can’t be glued to our phones waiting for a live stream to start then watching the entirety of the stream.  Especially if there is breaking news and you weren’t expecting something to happen, you’ll miss the whole stream before you even hear of the news.

Especially if I’m the one witnessing something great, I wouldn’t want to risk no one seeing it: I’d tweet about it or put it on my Snapchat Story.  That way I can be sure that at least some people will see it– on Meerkat and Periscope, you don’t have that luxury.

Still might unfollow Cody Ko, just because he loves the devil and I don’t.


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