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I “Literally Can’t Even” with Snapchat’s mini series

“My favorite mini series is on Snapchat!” – No one ever.

Turns out, Snapchat is more than a platform in which you can take pictures of your distorted face and send it to all of your friends for under 10 seconds.  We saw this with the launch of the Discover feature making Snapchat more of a serious platform, offering news to an audience that may not be getting news anywhere else.  As you can see in my blog post covering the release of this feature, I was excited about it.  But truth be told, I haven’t paid any attention to it beyond the initial day.

Snapchat is changing yet again, this time mimicking a television show.  Entitled Literally Can’t Even, this mini series debuted on Snapchat’s channel on the Discover feature.  The first episode was this past Saturday and– you guessed it– it disappeared off into a black hole after 24 hours.

The two protagonists will be played by Sasha Spielberg, daughter of Steven Spielberg, and Emily Goldwyn, daughter of John Goldwyn, in a fictionalized version of their lives in Los Angeles, Calif. reported Mashable.  The first episode was entitled “Sip and Surf Party XXX” and lasted 4 and a half minutes.

I hadn’t heard about Snapchat releasing a mini series until Tuesday of this week so I missed the first episode, but I wasn’t on the lookout for a show lasting 5 minutes on Snapchat.  In fact, if someone had told me about it, I wouldn’t have believed them.  There was nothing on the app on Saturday alerting me to this series (poor promotion in my opinion: you should promote your feature on your own app, duh), nor was there a buzz on social media about the change like there was about the Discover feature (and the fact that Snapchat best friends were gone– RIP).

Just like Twitter’s While you were away feature, none of the people I follow on Twitter talked about this.  None.  There were people that were aware of this launch and an overwhelming amount of the commentary that I’ve seen has been negative.  Mashable compiled some negative reactions and I’ve included some of those reactions with reactions I found on my own.

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Other than Pierre Lipton, the responses were focused at the content inside of the series rather than the fact that an app was creating a mini series.  I’m not too concerned with the content of the mini series because that’s not the point.  A series of episodes is being released on Snapchat.  Snapchat!  An app that features a dancing ghost when it loads is like a television show.  This is groundbreaking and perfect for Snapchat.  Pinterest doesn’t have the appropriate platform to release episodes, nor does Facebook or Twitter.  Snapchat allows users to make their own “episodes” of their lives on their My Stories.  This is just a fictionalized version of a My Story released by the app itself: it’s really innovative and I’m impressed with Snapchat yet again.

I, for one, don’t think I’ll spend 5 minutes watching anything on snapchat because I sure don’t watch Snapchat stories that last more than 100 seconds.  For starters, Snapchat is an app that I use for very short periods of time.  I’ll literally have it open for 2 minutes maximum to send pictures of myself to my friends and to see the snaps they’ve sent me, but that’s it.  I can’t spend a lot of time on this app like I can with Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, there simply isn’t enough content to consume.

Either way, Snapchat is innovating faster than any other platform right now.  Maybe I’ll watch episode 2 of “Literally Can’t Even” this Saturday and actually like it.  I doubt it though.