Give me snapchat best friends, or give me death

Y’all, I’m at it again… discussing Snapchat.

Snapchat is like a boy that I keep fighting with and making up with (I’ve never been in a relationship like that before………………………… ha) but I think we’re finally happy again.

I got over the fact that Snapchat didn’t give UNC an Our Story feature when the UNC vs. Dook game was held in the Dean Dome but they gave one to the Dookies when the game was held in the inner-most circle of hell– uh, I mean Cameron Indoor.

Important side note: if Dook wins the national championship game tonight, I will buy a first class ticket to the moon because I don’t want to live on a planet where the devil is celebrated.  LET’S GO WISCONSIN BADGERS!!!  That is all.

This morning a friend one mine asked what the emojis beside people’s names in Snapchat meant.  I didn’t see any emojis so I was confused until I realized I had an update waiting for me.  I updated the app and saw the smiley faces beside a lot of my friends.

What did it all mean?


Why would someone get a sunglasses emoji opposed to a smirk opposed to a grinning picture?  What did the numbers mean?

Eventually someone in a group chat I’m in discovered a guide to this update and it makes more sense now.  This is a screenshot from an article in TechCrunch and though it isn’t the exact explanation sent to me this morning, it does the best job explaining it all.

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 5.16.28 PM

I think this is a pretty creative way to get around giving the world back our snap chat best friends and the option to spy on all of your friends.  But snap best friends should come back.  Or maybe not.  I’m undecided– I’ll look at them if they’re available but life has gone on fine without them.

This option makes you aware of how the person stands in your snap habits and it also gives you a hint about their snap activities.  From the screenshot of my top friends earlier today, I know that I’m Peyton’s #1 best friend on snap just like she’s mine.  I’ve snapped Peyton, Lauren and Tara for consecutive days (the numbers beside each of their names signaling the number of days for each girl) and I have a snap best friend in common with Tara, Keaten and Drew.

The only confusion I have is the smirking emoji that is supposed to mean that I’m one of their best friends but they aren’t one of mine.  I have people in my snapchat best friends with that emoji beside their names.  By definition, this is wrong.  That emoji means that they are not in my snap best friends and I am in theirs.  Well, turns out they’re in my snap best friends too.

Snapchat– either release a clear definition of these new emojis or fix it.  Please and thank you.

This definition of the snap emojis wasn’t released by Snapchat nor was it posted as a release on its blog like it did for the My Story, Our Story and Discover features.  This guide was all over Twitter and like we saw earlier, in an article by TechCrunch.

Because the graphic includes Beyonce, I have to include a creative way TechCrunch modeled the new update.


The smirk face with Kim K is hilarious and probably accurate of their real life relationship.  Maybe I should go blonde like Beyonce.  Thoughts?  This is the one time I won’t mark all comments as spam– you can comment on my home page letting me know if I should be platinum blonde or more of a honey blonde.  Lemme know.

Back to snapchat.

Though seeing each other’s snap chat best friends or knowing if you’re in someone else’s snap best friends doesn’t seem like it matters, it does.  It’s nice knowing that the person you’re spending a lot of time snapping is snapping you back a lot too.  And it could even be used in investigative work if someone has someone suspicious in his or her top friends…. if you’re into that sort of thing.  I’m sure no one would ever use someone’s snap best friends as a way to catch someone in a lie………

See I’m speaking in hypotheticals here…….. ha. ha.

ANYWAYS I’ve gotten off topic, as usual.

Where was I?  Oh– Snapchat emojis instead of best friends.  That’s where.  Snapchat has remained a constant social media platform for the past few years.  I first got the app the summer after my freshman year in college and snapped a few people back and forth occasionally, but it’s evolved to be much more.

I can send snaps to my friends updating them on my day (or making weird faces) and I can see what their days consist of in their My Stories.  Yeah, Instagram and Twitter are great for the big things in life, but what if you just went to TCBY or to Yopo and you want the world to see your ice cream?  Unless it’s a food in the air, that’s a better fit for snapchat.  Want to see a lot of different people enjoying the same event in real time?  Watch an Our Story.  Twitter hashtags are great and all, but I don’t have to do any work to see all of the people at the Final Four games or the National Championship game.

Speaking of which, there is a ‘National Champs’ snap story right now and I do NOT want to see that filth.  I’ve clicked through every snap in hopes of avoiding seeing any of the wrong shade of blue.


Snapchat has continued to be innovative in changing how we communicate with each other– and how we view these communications– to remain relevant.

Bravo, Snapchat.

Oh, and upon further review, I think it’s best that we keep snapchat best friends private.  Incase someone were to be a spy and want to see people’s snap friends…. mine are on the screenshot above so if I have any stalkers, you don’t have to investigate.  The title of this blog was a little dramatic, but absolutely none of y’all should be surprised by that.

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