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Finally an emoji princess that looks like me!

The day is finally here!!! There is FINALLY a brunette princess emoji and here’s another exciting feature: there are multiple brunette princess and their skin tones range from light to dark.

In other words, I will finally be accurately represented by an emoji!  I think I’d consider myself the first brunette princess to the left of the blonde princess, but that’s not the point.

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Apple has diversified all of its emojis, not just the princess one, making it a better representation of the skin types that people have (other than the creepy yellow ones, no one looks like that… I don’t think).

Reports state that these new emojis will make a debut with the new versions of iOS and OS X.  These diverse emojis won’t all be listed side by side, these variations will be found if you select and hold an emoji.  This is the same tactic that is used to get versions of letters with accent marks on them.

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This is significant for more reasons than the princess emoji (though I still think that’s pretty great).  For one, it makes emojis more inclusive of the diversity in our country.  I always wondered why there wasn’t more diversity in emojis, but the emojis were popular in Asia before coming to Apple, not the United States.

There will be 300 new diverse emojis, including the faces and hands (so you can text with a thumbs-up that looks like your own hand).  There will also be 32 flags added to represent more countries as well as more emojis to represent same-sex relationships.

I think this is a great move for Apple to include diverse emojis for a few reasons: Apple has business in multiple countries and including icons that reflect its customers is a good move and adding diversity can’t hurt anyone.

If Apple had removed some emojis in order to make room for these new ones, I’m sure there would be controversy.  That wasn’t the case.  This move is becoming more inclusive of all people so I can’t imagine that there would be serious issues against this decision.

I actually ignored the comments section of the articles while writing this article (in light of my last blog post) so that I didn’t pick up on any opinions from those sections, so I’m not sure if anyone is up in arms about this move.

I’m happy about the change and I’ll definitely use some of the new emojis.

I’ve always identified the closest to the emoji below but I’ll have to switch my go-to emoji to the brunette princess.

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