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For the few people that read all of my blogs, you know that I blog a lot.  I’m pretty sure my only loyal readers are my professors that these blogs are required for and my mom but that’s better than no one.

Including this one, I’ve blogged exactly 50 times and that doesn’t even include the blogs I write for my internship some weeks.  Basically I’ve turned into a blogging machine.  I’m constantly thinking of blog topics that are about mass communication and about, well, me.  Incase you don’t read my blogs regularly, you may not have known that this blog has two directions that sometimes merge into one.

For the simple fact that I’m a little shocked that I’ve written this many blogs, I’ve decided to write 50 things about well….. stuff that I want to write.

Here goes nothing.

1.  Thunderstorms still scare me.  It’s storming right now and I was woken up in the middle of the night (does 5 am count as the middle of the night?  It’s a pretty terrible time either way) because the thunder was so loud.  Did I go right back to sleep or did I stay up for an hour and some change worried that the hail was going to break my window open and that the thunder was going to shake my house apart?  I’m sure you could guess the right answer.

2.  Pink is my favorite color.

3.  Glitter is also a favorite, but I’m not sure if many people consider it a color.

4.  My curly hair has a mind of its own.  Right now it’s not cooperating but I need it to get its act together because I need it to listen to me and my mousse tomorrow.

5.  My curls used to be tighter when I was younger but I got a relaxer in middle school and continue to get relaxers twice or three times a year.

6.  Below is a picture of me and my curly afro when I was young.


5.  I eat like a 5-year-old.  If I could eat cereal, waffles, bagels or chicken fingers and fries (obviously not together) for every meal, I would.

6.  I’ve been trying to eat salads more often but every time I try to break up with Chickfila or Bojangles I can’t.  Just like Chingy said “every time I try to leave, something keeps pullin’ me back, me back, tellin’ me I need you in my life.”

7.  Sometimes I watch makeup tutorials on YouTube for much, much longer than I should for a few reasons.  I don’t have a lot of those makeup tools and I don’t actually plan on doing the things in the videos.  It’s like magic.  Brb going to watch some.

8.  Jimmy’s BBQ in Lexington, NC is my favorite restaurant.  Yum.

9.  Collard greens (made by my dad’s side of the family) might be my favorite food item. Hold on a sec, I need to call my grandma and ask if she’ll make me some next time I see her.

10.  Whoever created the concept of a sound machine is the real MVP.  You rock.

11.  I’m terrified of going to the dentist.

12.  I was voted biggest flirt in high school for my senior superlative.  I blogged about it recently but I wanted to let everyone know again.


13.  I know every word to all of the songs in the movie Anastasia.

14.  I get close to 5 comments a day on my blog and 100% of them are some spam account trying to make me buy their shoes.

15.  I could watch the lip synch videos Jimmy Fallon does with some of the guests on his show.

16.  Actually, I have watched them over and over.

17.  I love Fall Out Boy.

18.  I used to be obsessed with them but now I just like them.

19.  This is a picture of me in my punk stage when I my Fall Out Boy obsession was at its peak.  HAHAH this is embarrassing.


20.  Those are Monster Energy drink tabs on my necklace… but I don’t drink energy drinks.  HAHAH I cannot.  World, meet 14-year-old Anastasia.

21.  My sister’s incredible Spotify account includes a lot of FOB songs and we end up singing those songs when we road trip.

22.  I bought that pink eyeliner at Hot Topic and that shirt at Hollister.  I can’t right now.

23.  I had to log into my Myspace account to get that picture…. and I still know the email and password combination.

24.  I stumbled upon this picture as well.  I’m wearing blue contacts because I wanted to have blue eyes but I ended up looking like a mutant with dark blue eyes.  The duck face didn’t help you much, 15-year-old Anastasia.


25.  I’m going to regret putting these pictures up.

26.  I used to be reaaaaally obsessed with Usher.  I had a panic attack in math class senior year of high school when I realized he was going on tour.

27.  Usher and I made eye contact once during his concert.  We’re basically dating.

28.  Charleston, SC is my favorite place to vacation.  Well, other than Montego Bay, Jamaica.

29.  I’m still upset that Qdoba closed on Franklin Street.

30.  And that Auntie Anne’s closed on Franklin Street a while back.

31.  One of my favorite blogs so far is the one about my name.  Refresher: some people call me Anastasia and some people call me Annie.  If you’ve always called me Annie (AKA you called me that before you read my blog), you may continue calling me Annie.  If not, please call me Anastasia.

32.  It actually bothers me when people call me Annie that haven’t always.

33.  I hate– and I mean hate– being called Anna or Ana.  Don’t do it, especially if I’ve repeatedly asked you not to.  I think it’s rude.

34.  Lighter note– I have a dog named Apollo.  He’s a mutt and I love him.

35.  I was a part of UNC’s All-Girl Club Cheerleading team freshman year.


36.  We won one of our cheer competitions– Cheersport Nationals if you’re familiar with competitive cheerleading.

37.  We didn’t do quite as well for NCA Nationals but it was a great trip to Daytona Beach, FL.

38.  I got rug burn on my face during finals…. don’t worry, I rekindled my relationship with Timehop so that I can show y’all pictures on the third anniversary of that day (obvi on my dontmakemeleaveunc insta).  Get ready, y’all.  It’s pretty damn great.

39.  THANK GOD the video of this disappeared off of the NCA video website but this video was horrifying and hilarious at the same time.  We were doing a toe touch followed by two back handsprings and it had gone well the other million times we practiced, but of course not that morning.  My hands were kicked out from underneath me in the second back handspring and I legitimately landed on my face.

40.  I watch Dance Mom’s and keep up with the seasons online.  And the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  And the Real Housewives of Atlanta.  And Vanderpump Rules.  And Bring It!

41.  Twizzlers are my favorite candy.

42.  Wait, maybe peanut M&Ms are.

43.  Or chocolate in general (but y’all already knew I have a problem with chocolate).

44.  #TheDress still trips me out.  I understand why I saw white and gold at first and blue and black later, but it still blows my mind.  This is the blog when I saw white and gold and blog when I saw blue and black.

45.  There is exactly a month left until graduation and I’m not ready to leave this beautiful campus with all of the amazing people I’m surrounded by.

46.  I’m a Tar Heel born.


47.  I’m a Tar Heel bred.

48.  And when I die, I’m a Tar Heel dead.  (And now I’m a Tar Heel sad because she can’t stay here forever.)

49.  I actually like blogging.  I don’t know if people enjoy reading the posts as much as I like writing them, but it’s much more rewarding than many other assignments I have had in college.

50.  I might continue blogging after the g-word.  I’m unsure about how frequently I might blog and what topics I may cover, but I’m considering it.

If you’ve actually made it through this post, you rock.  50 is longer of a list than I expected.  Y’all are probably the ones that show up on my analytics everyday because I check those stats obsessively.  I have some readers from Russia according to Google Analytics…. like what?

Anyways, thanks to everyone that reads this and doesn’t make fun of me.  When I’m the next Beyonce, I’ll remember all of you.


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