And that’s how I beat Shaq

This week has been pretty out of the ordinary.  For starters, I didn’t have a class until Wednesday night at 5:45 because of we had Round Two of the Chapel Hill Snowpacolypse.  That was great for me because I hadn’t had a class since the Thursday before so I had a nice 5 day weekend.

The snow isn’t the only reason this week was different than usual: we played Dook in basketball this week and it gets a little (okay a lot) tense here in the Southern Part of Heaven during Beat Dook Week.  Unfortunately, we lost to the Blue Devils in overtime and I was not happy with that outcome, for obvious reasons.  That brings me to one part of the week that was definitely not normal.

Let me start by saying that I’m not a shy person, nor am I afraid of voicing my opinions.  Though I wouldn’t say this is normally an issue, but it definitely becomes an issue when Carolina loses to Dook.

I didn’t really drink the bleach, but that may have eased the pain of the loss (I really dislike autoplay videos so I apologize for the fact that I can’t figure out how to make that stop).  I get aggressive and become incapable of tolerating Dook, but I get especially irritable with fans that don’t attend that university 8 miles down the road.  I’ll work on my breathing exercises and we’ll see how the game goes on March 7 and revisit that subject then.

I was going to spend my Thursday evening catching up on homework but I decided to actually live a little bit and not schedule out every second of my life, meaning I was actually going to take the advice I gave myself in a blog post written over a month ago.  I decided to go to an Aaron Carter concert at Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro.  I had never seen Aaron in concert and I had never been to a concert in Cat’s Cradle so it seemed like a perfect chance to knock something off of my bucket lists.

Yes, Aaron Carter: the younger brother of Backstreet Boy Nick Carter.  Yes, he is 27 years old now (just a little bit older than when he released his first album “Aaron’s Party” in 2000).  And yes, he is on tour.  If you don’t understand the title of my blog, you should go watch the classic music video That’s How I Beat Shaq.

Aaron performed in Cat’s Cradle last year but I didn’t go to the concert.  This time around, I decided that I didn’t want to sit in my room doing work all night, even though that didn’t work out so well because I’m awake late writing this blog post.

I knew I was going to the concert for little over an hour before it started so I didn’t have time to refresh myself on the songs I know.  Even though I didn’t know the songs that well nor have I heard any of his new music since the early 2000s, I made it up to the second row and remained there for most of the performance.

Here’s a picture with Aaron Carter (I’m on the bottom right with my phone in my hand, FYI).


I lost a little bit of sleep because I went to the concert, but it’s not everyday that you can see the second best Carter brother perform a mile from your house for less than $20 dollars.  I also recognize that I don’t need to pick a fight with everyone that likes the wrong shade of blue, so I’ll try to do better.