Here goes nothing

“What do you believe in?  What are your passions?  If you died today, would you be happy with how you’re remembered?” 

During the first day of class for Gary Kayye’s The Branding of Me, these questions were posed to the class.  To me, this is the furthest thing you can get from the typical first day of class because it asked really hard questions.  Not hard questions quizzing you on a book you needed to read for class, or testing your math abilities, but the types of questions that make you look deep inside of yourself.

I’m not sure how to answer those questions yet.  So I won’t.  But first, let me back it up.

The Branding of Me is a class taught in UNC’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication with the purpose of helping each student create his or her own brand.  This is easier said than done, so during the course of the semester we’re going to try to answer tough questions like these and figure out who we are.  We are required to create a blog and to write twice a week for 15 weeks to create our brands, a task I’m a little nervous about considering I’m new to this whole blogging thing.

Let me back up even further.

I’m Anastasia.  I’m lucky enough to be a senior at the beautiful University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill studying journalism with a focus in public relations, with a minor in Hispanic studies.  I’m from just north of Charlotte, N.C. in Huntersville, but Chapel Hill feels like home.  I’m a picky eater, lover of Law and Order: SVU and very family oriented.  I’m goofy with a quick wit always trying to make people laugh (not always successfully), which answers one of the questions posed by Gary.  Making people laugh is a passion of mine, though I’d be a very unsuccessful stand-up comedian.

So I don’t have all of the answers right now, but I invite you to stick around as I try to figure it all out.